Safety Promise

Safety First PicAmazing Trucking & Logistics is dedicated to safety & compliance in all our endeavors. We recently passed a compliance and regulatory audit and have our satisfactory rating from the FMCSA intact. As a carrier, we have over $1,000,000 in primary liability insurance, $250,000 in cargo insurance, and in order to ensure our fleet is in good shape, we provide physical damage and bobtail liability insurance to our owner operators for free. So as you can see we take extra steps to provide the coverage you and your shippers require, expect, and most importantly deserve.

Our compliance within our fleet is up to date and self audited regularly to ensure the best drivers and vehicles are on the road at all times while your cargo is in our care. We have a specially adapted web-based safety system to track our fleet in real time and circumvent any compliance and/or maintenance issues before they arise. With this, your cargo is always safe with ATL, and unnecessary or unwanted delays due to driver ineligibility are non-existent.

We have a stringent pre-screening process for all our drivers, company and/or otherwise, to ensure your freight is in capable hands while on the road. While most companies screen drivers just for underwriting guidelines and FMCSA parameters, we at ATL go far above and beyond. All our drivers receive pre-screening in the new CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) program developed in 2010 by the Federal Transportation Administration. We also conduct internet and classroom training on a scheduled basis to ensure all drivers are aware of regulatory changes while on the road. It is our belief that well trained drivers, with well maintained equipment, will help Amazing Transportation & Logistics grow into one of your favorite primary carriers. The way for us to make that happen is to ensure all your freight is delivered safely, reliably, and on time…… driver at a time, every time.