Surprising Factors That Might Cause Temporary or Permanent Loss Of A CDL

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Surprising Factors That Might Cause Temporary or Permanent Loss Of A CDL

There are many driving and non-driving offenses that might cause you to lose your license, ending your livelihood, and fighting these causes might be costly and time-consuming.

As you know, getting a DUI, causing an accident and other driving offenses can put your CDL in jeopardy, but did you know that you could also lose your CDL for the following reasons?

Failure to pay child support

If truckers fail to pay a few months of child support, they can lose their CDL. You lost your CDL because you didn’t or couldn’t pay child support, but now you won’t be able to pay child support to reinstate your CDL because you can’t work.

How Can They Do That? I Have a Right to Work! That may be how it seems to you, but remember: any type of driver’s license is considered by the state to be a privilege to own, not a right.

The legislatures of all the states have written and passed laws that require the licensing offices in their state to suspend or withdraw any license issued by the state for failure to pay child support.

Failure to respect a railroad crossing:

In many states, you can have your CDL suspended for up to 120 days if you fail to:

  • Slow down and check that the tracks are clear of an approaching train
  • Stop before reaching the crossing when the tracks are not clear
  • Stop before driving onto the crossing
  • Have sufficient space to drive completely through the crossing without stopping
  • Obey a traffic control device or the directions of an enforcement official at the crossing
  • Negotiate a crossing because of insufficient undercarriage clearance

Falling behind on your taxes:

In New York, if you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes, your license may be suspended.  In Louisiana, if you owe $1,000 in back taxes, you may have your license suspended.  Massachusetts and California also have similar laws.


Bouncing a check:

If you bounce a check in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, or Minnesota, your license might be in jeopardy.



Nobody likes a litterbug, but Arizona and Oregon really hate litter bugs.  If you throw trash out of a moving vehicle in Arizona or Oregon, you are putting your license in jeopardy.


Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager