Most Common Truck Violations

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Most Common Truck Violations

  1. Violation: Lighting

28% of all roadside vehicle violations last year, out of 2.4 million inspections, dealt with lights or reflective materials.

Light violations are a severity point assessment of 6 CSA points and a conspicuity of reflective tape violations are 3 CSA points.

Prevention: Pre and Post trip inspections and reporting of lighting defects on the daily vehicle inspection report.

  1. Violation: Brakes

25% of vehicle violations are for brakes, with over 1 million brake violations last year, each with four CSA points.

Prevention: Training is key. Make sure drivers know what to look for and when to get assistance with their brakes. The only way to find a brake adjustment problem is to carefully measure the stroke, and adjusting a brake that has an automatic adjuster won’t fix the problem (and may make it worse).

  1. Violation: Tires

11% of vehicle violations are for tires (half for tread depth), with a CSA severity of eight points. Steer tires must have 4/32 inch of tread depth; other tires must have 2/32 inch.

Prevention: Pre and Post Trip inspections that identify tires that are getting close to regulation requirements being reported on the daily vehicle inspection report. Drivers need to know how and when to check inflation (with a gauge!) and when it’s time for a replacement.



Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager