How to Conduct Yourself if Pulled Over by a Law Enforcement Official

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How to Conduct Yourself if Pulled Over by a Law Enforcement Official

From the moment those lights come on, the officer is observing your behavior, and the way you respond may affect whether or not you receive a ticket. So as soon as you see those flashing lights behind you, turn on your right turn signal and pull over to the right as quickly — but also as safely — as possible. It is important to make sure that you are able to pullover in a place that is safe, flat and solid. Again, it’s important to show the officer that you’re cooperating, and by stopping safely as near where the violation occurred, you may have a better sense of what happened. You will also be able to make observations about the area that can help you if you contest the ticket, such as noting an obstructed speed limit sign or that a new yield sign is in place.

Once you have safely pulled over, turn off the engine, roll down your window all the way and place your hands on the steering wheel. Do not get out of the truck unless asked by the officer. If it’s dark, turn on the interior lights in your truck. Don’t make any sudden movements, and don’t rummage through your belongings looking for your wallet until you are asked for documentation. Remember that law enforcement officers are killed every year while conducting routine traffic stops, so it’s understandable that an officer may treat you with suspicion. Respond accordingly by being cooperative and do not give any cause for alarm.

It’s OK to greet the officer, but it’s wise to wait for the officer to ask you a question. He or she will likely ask for your driver’s license, medical certificate, log-book and vehicle registration. It’s important to give the officer these documents when asked and not question why. However, if you are pulled over by an unmarked car or aren’t sure if the person is a police officer, it’s acceptable to wait to roll down your window until the person has identified himself or herself as an officer.


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