Cell Phone Safety

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Cell Phone Safety

Cell phones, once a luxury and status symbol, are now a key element of doing business and a major part of our lives. Workers with cell phones may be accessible at any time during the work day. How safe are cell phones when we use them while sitting behind the wheel?  The use of cell phones can create hazardous situations.

Drivers need to remain focused and aware of surroundings, pedestrians and other drivers.  Using a cell phone while driving leads to unsafe actions such as:

  • Following the vehicle in front of you too closely
  • Maintaining improper lane position
  • Failing to recognize traffic signals or signs
  • Reacting slowly to traffic situations

Drivers using a cell phone are four times more likely than non-cell users to get into accidents.  The risk of accident for drivers using a cell phone is as great as for drivers driving while under the influence of alcohol.  In fact, cell phone users take three times longer to apply their brakes than drivers under the influence of alcohol. Some studies have even shown that the use of hands-free devices does not improve the level of safety.  We should all be aware of the hazards associated with cell phone usage while driving.

Prohibiting the use of cell phones is the only way to keep drivers truly safe from the aforementioned hazards.  Follow these safety tips to minimize the chances of injury:

  • Pull your vehicle off the road during cell phone use
  • Keep conversations short
  • Avoid using the cell phone during heavy traffic situations
  • Keep extra distance between your truck and the car in front of you


Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager