Winter is Officially Here!

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Reminder of the week:

Winter is Officially Here!

There are a lot of misconceptions about diesel fuel and fuel additives

Diesel Fuel

We need to start first with a good understanding of the diesel fuel that you are using in your units.

Diesel fuel needs to be winterized. WHY?

Diesel fuels contain paraffin (wax) which causes it to gel as it cools, leading to possible engine failure. No one wants to have a stalled vehicle in frigid temperatures. Number 1 (1D) and Number 2 (2D) are the primary fuels for most diesel applications. During warmer months, 2D, considered a summer-grade fuel. As the weather cools, distributors change the mixture of the fuel to a “winter blend” or “winterized blend” of 2D and 1D. As the seasons change, it is a good idea to check the fuel grade, as well as the cetane rating on the pump. The higher the cetane number, the easier the diesel vehicle will start in cold weather.

Now what about fuel additives and when should I use them?

Fuel additives are used to prevent jelling and should be added anytime the ambient temperature is below 32 degrees F. Power Service and Penray are popular manufactures of fuel additives.

Power Service:

– The “Red Bottle” is Power Service 911 and is to be used only when the fuel in a unit has been jelled. – 911 it is NOT to be used as a fuel additive that you would regularly put in the fuel tank to keep the fuel from jelling.

– Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane “White Bottle” is to be added to the fuel at each fill when the ambient temperature is < 32 degrees F.

– This is the additive you should use on a regular basis during the winter months.


Winter Thaw Emergency Diesel Fuel Supplement is comparable to 911 and is to be used only when the fuel in a unit has been jelled.

Winter Pow-R  Plus Diesel Fuel Supplement :

ULSD compliant- Prevents gelling of diesel fuel-Prevents ice crystal formation. Reduces cold filter plug point b as much as 30ºF. Helps enhance cetane. Helps improve fuel economy. Utilizes HAFI® technology and improves cold weather starting. Stabilizes and prevents corrosion. Helps reduce emissions. Helps improve lubricit.

Thank You and have a Safe New Year! 

Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager