FMCSA Roadside Inspection/Violation Summary 2016

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FMCSA Roadside Inspection/Violation Summary 2016

There are 6,324,298 DOT inspections that include Roadside Inspection and Traffic Enforcement (96.5% of all inspections).

  • Roadside Inspections represent 88.1% of all inspections
  • Traffic Enforcement represents 8.4% of all inspections

Of all inspections, Driver Inspection accounts for 57.2% of all inspections and Vehicle Inspections account for 29.2% of all inspections (a total 86.4% of all inspections).

  • The top 20 driver violations represent 85% of all driver violations
  • The top 50 vehicle violations represent 85% of all vehicle violations

Traffic Enforcement focuses on 24 violations which are broken into 4 categories: Moving Violations, Drugs & Alcohol Violations, Railroad Crossing Violations, and Misc Violations. 14 of the 24 violations are listed under moving violations. Attached is the full list of traffic enforcement violations.

The top 4 traffic violations represent 73.8% of all traffic enforcement stops.

  1. Local laws
  2. Speeding 6-10 mph over speed limit
  3. Failing to use seat belt while operating a CMV
  4. Failure to obey traffic control device

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