Prepare for your trip before you turn the key

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Reminder of the week:

Prepare for your trip before you turn the key.

Many things can slow you down en-route to your destination, so it pays to spend some thoughtful preparation time to help ensure safe travels.

Check the weather report. If you cross county or state lines, you may experience changes in weather patterns. Be prepared to handle rain, snow or other conditions that may affect your ability to drive.

Start safely. Get familiar with the vehicle controls and adjust any settings, as needed. These include seat position, mirrors and steering wheel. Also, always keep your seat belt fastened while driving.

Allow more time to travel. This will reduce your urge to speed up if you are slowed by unpredictable circumstances.

Stay focused to help avoid distractions. Distracted driving can rob your ability to react quickly. Stay focused on the road, including what you can see in front of you and in your mirrors.

Monitor your surroundings. As you drive, be mindful of lane changes, traffic signs and signals, curves, road work and pedestrians. Seeing a situation develop early will give you more time to react, if necessary.

Stay off your phone. Operating a CMV with a NON-Hands free cell phone is a federal offense and in most states a violation. Even a phone that is on sitting on the passenger seat can be a distraction as it emits sounds and vibrations distracting the drivers attention. Approximately five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of a football field blindfolded

Take a break. If you’re feeling drowsy or have a task that cannot wait, pull the vehicle over to a safe spot out of the way of traffic.

Monitor conditions to reduce the risk of losing control. A safe driver monitors road conditions constantly and is ready to make adjustments. Knowing how to handle your vehicle in a variety of situations helps reduce the risk that you’ll be involved in an accident.

Slow down. Driving at speeds above the posted limits makes it easier to lose control of your vehicle, harder to recover and robs you of critical reaction time.

And…..Get plenty of Sleep


Klemens Kuqi

Compliance Manager