Six Most Common CSA Violations

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Six Most Common CSA Violations


Violation: Lighting.

28% of all roadside vehicle violations last year, out of 2.4 million inspections, dealt with lights or reflective materials. Light violations are a severity point assessment of 6 CSA points and a conspicuity of reflective tape violations are 3 CSA points.

Violation: Brakes.

25% of vehicle violations are for brakes, with over 1 million brake violations last year, each with four CSA points.

Violation: Tires.

11% of vehicle violations are for tires (half for tread depth), with a CSA severity of eight points. Steer tires must have 4/32 inch of tread depth; other tires must have 2/32 inch.



Violation: Logs.

“Form & Manner” and “Log Not Current” violations make up 25% of all driver violations at the roadside, far and above any other violation. A form/manner violation carries just one CSA point, but a log that isn’t current is worth five.

Violation: Medical issues.

12% of driver violations are related to medical issues, often a failure to have a valid medical certificate. These carry a low CSA point value of one or two, although driving while physically ill is a 10-point violation. Prevention: Track the expiration of your drivers’ medical cards and make sure they get updated, placed in drivers’ files, carried in the vehicle and turned in to the state licensing agency. Make sure drivers know exactly what’s required of them, and have consequences in place for those who fail to comply.

Violation: English ability.

This violation has been surging in recent years, currently at 9% of all driver violations and carrying four CSA points. Compliance is complicated because there is no yes/no standard. Key for a roadside inspection is being able to fill out paperwork, speak with officers and answer their questions, all in English.


Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager