Hours Of Service/Daily Log Procedure

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Hours Of Service/Daily Log Procedure

#1- Fuel We print a report that shows what time you fueled and where. This is the first thing we check for. If you do not log your fuel, it is considered falsifying your log. You will need to redo the entire log to match that fuel. There is no reason this should not be done, EVER. When you flag the location with the city, it also needs to say “FUEL”. If you need to know a time and location of your fuel, please call and we will get you that info.

#2- Breaks You must take a 30-Min Mandatory DOT break for every 8 hours you are working. If you do not take a 30-min break for every 8 hours you work, if you are pulled over and found not to have one, it is a DOT recordable violation. Do not go over 8 hours without a 30-min break. If you take your break early and go 8 hours past your last 30-min break, you must take another one. We recommend taking it between the 4th and 6th hour. When you flag the location with the city, it also needs to say “break”

#3- Pre-trip And Post-trip When you start your day and end your day you are required to do a Pre/Post-trip Inspections. Your Pre-trip has to be a minimum of 15 mins. Your Post-trip can be 30min, 15min, or less. But if it is less than 15 mins, you still must flag it. When you flag the location with the city, it also needs to say “PTI”. You must label both Pre and Post trips.

#4-Miles Please only write the number of miles that you drove. Do not write your starting and ending miles on your log. Those numbers do not always match the miles that you are saying that you drive. That leads to showing that you are speeding, or not logging everything you did that day. Please check the miles carefully to ensure you are writing what you have logged, no more, no less. If you do not have a GPS or smart phone to calculate the miles, please call and we will be happy to get the miles for you.

#5-Truck/Trailer Please write the truck number you are driving in that day, and what container/trailer you are using. On containers, please write the suffix and numbers.  EX: PACU888888

#6- Shipping Docs/BOL  You must have something written on this line at all times. If you pick up a loaded container and do not have the BOL info, please write FAK (freight all kinds) or Auto Parts. If you pick up an empty, please write Empty, but when you have picked up your load, make sure to write in either BOL # or FAK/Auto Parts/Shipper Name/Commodity. You cannot leave this blank! Too many drivers have been cited for a General Form and Manner violation for leaving it blank.

#7-Hours Of Service You cannot under any circumstance go over your hours. You are allowed 14 hours total on duty time, from the time you start to the time you finish. You can only drive 11 hours, not one minute more. No exceptions. If you run out of hours, you must take your reset. You must advise dispatch if you need to reset and it will affect your next load. You will never get in trouble for running out of hours and having to reset. But it is your responsibility to let dispatch know if it will affect your load. If you encounter any problems from dispatch, please see the Safety office. If you are stopped and found over hours you will be put out of service for 10 hours.

#8- Hours Logged Please insure you add your hours up correctly. I find too many hours that are not added correctly. If you are stopped you could be cited with a General Form and Manner Violation.

#9- From: To: We have new logs that no longer have this section. If you do not have them, please come to the office to pick them up. You no longer have to write this on these logs. If you still have the logs that it is on, you must fill it out. If you do not it is a General Form and Manner Violation. We have taken it off to reduce the possibility of violations.

#10- DVIR As of December 2014 you no longer need to fill out this section unless you have a problem. But if you choose to continue filling it out, you must fill it out correctly. You must include: date, truck #, trailer/container #’s, checked that you did or did not find and problems, and your signature.

#11 Drive Times Not only does the system (when we enter them in) check your miles against your drive time, we also look at these times and google map the locations. If you logged that it took you 3.5 hours to drive from Louisville to S. Chicago Heights. We know that is a false log. You will be brought in for corrective action, to include a training class. Log it correctly, and if you need to stop to reset, then please do. (see #7)

If you are stopped and ticketed for any violation of the above, you will be in the office the following day going through all of your logs and be put to an online training class. You will also receive a write up and possible termination (depending on previous history and how severe the violation is).

These need to be filled out accurately and timely. Company policy states your logs need these turned in weekly. You may turn them in daily with your paperwork, but no longer than 1 week. Not 2 weeks, not a month at a time. By law I have to have these in my possession, and this can hold up your paycheck if not turned in. If you have any issues with this, please see your safety officer.

Please keep the yellow copies of your last 7 days with you at all times. Original (white) copies are to be turned in to the office.

If you are called in for any of the above, you will be given a write up. 3 write ups will lead to termination.

If you have any questions at any time, please call or stop into the safety office.


Hara Kosmos 

Comliance Officer