Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Violations

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Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Violations

When you have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations as a driver, you cannot perform any DOT safety-sensitive duties again, including driving a commercial motor vehicle, for any employer until/unless you complete an evaluation, referral, and education/treatment process set forth by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

A verified positive DOT drug test result, a DOT alcohol test with a result indicating an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater, a refusal to test (including the adulterating or substituting a urine specimen), or any other violation of the prohibition on the use of alcohol or drugs under a DOT agency regulation constitutes a DOT drug and alcohol regulation violation.

Consequences of drug or alcohol violations are immediate, severe, and long lasting. The following is a listing of the most prominent potential consequences:

  • Loss of employment via: Termination, or to complete the return-to-duty process
  • Loss wages due to unemployment
  • Costs of seeing a Substance Abuse Professional
  • Time commitment to see a Substance Abuse Professional
  • Costs and time of a return-to-work drug/alcohol test
  • Costs and time of follow-up drug/alcohol tests: Follow-up tests could be required over the course of several years, Tests are direct-observation
  • Positive tests or refusal to test will be documented on your driver record
  • Decreased potential for employment
  • Stigma from others
  • Diminishes your credibility as a professional driver
  • Stress: Personal, or on family

Social pressure is often a contributing factor in the use of drugs and alcohol. Avoid situations were drug and alcohol use may be present. If you find yourself in a situation, think of the consequences and just walk away. It’s not worth your time and money.


Klemens Kuqi 

Compliance Manager